Blackjack strategy chart

Blackjack strategy chart

Some people tried to come up with valuable strategies that can help them win in the blackjack game. So, they’ve made even a chart. Following that chart you will know when to hit, when to stand, when to surrender and so on, depending on the other strategies available in casinos.

So, what kind of strategy chart these people developed? Well, it is extremely easy to understand, and if you follow it accordingly, the chances of losing money during a blackjack game are quite low. Instead, you can get some money from a casino. Well, in the first place, let’s see what kind of strategies these people discovered and used in a blackjack game.

So, for an instance when you have in your hand a 5 to 8 points it does not matter what cards have the dealer, you should always hit. When you have 9 points in your hand and the dealer have from 3 to 6 points you should Double down. If the dealer has more than 6 points you must hit.

If you have 10 points in your hand and the dealer have points from 2 to 9 you must double down. If he has a 10 card and an Ace you should hit.

If you have 11 points and the dealer has up to 10 points you can double down. However, if he has a card of 10 and the ace you should hit.

So, the chart developed for the blackjack game is extremely detailed. If you read it extremely carefully you will be able to learn how to use simple strategies in order to beat the dealer. There are no many people that make use of this chart, but those who did are not aware of lots of strategies that are extremely helpful in this game.

The chart is showing the most possible combination between cards that can be made by a player, and the combinations that can happen to appear at the dealer. Depending on those combinations, the number of points you will know if you have to Hit, Stand, Double Down or hit, Split, Surrender, Double Down or Stand. I don’t know if there were used equations or some complicated algorithms, but the chars will definitely help you. All those combination can actually appear into a real game. Making use of some strategies that can help you save some money or even win some money is more than welcomed, especially for the players that are lacking luck.

Next to this chart, there are other strategies that can be used effectively during a blackjack game. For example you should never take insurance, no matter what kind of cards do you have or better said how many points you’ve achieved with the first two cards. Also, if it happens to get combinations as A8, A9, A10 or 10- 10 you should always stand. Never hit as you can get a card higher than 5, which means that you will bust and loose.

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