Rules of blackjack

Rules of blackjack

About the game blackjack

Blackjack is a casino game, extremely popular in the entire. It is also widely known as 21. The game is quite simple to understand. The player is playing against the dealer and with two or more cards he or she must make 21 points, but no more than this number. Like any other casino games, the blackjack also has rules, quite many of them. Yet, not every casino is following some specific rules. Many casinos have their own rules. However, let’s see the most commonly rules that can be met during a blackjack game.


Standard rules of blackjack

The blackjack game can be played using a 52 cards- deck without jokers. However, there are casinos that are using up to 8 decks with cards in this game. As it was mentioned above, some rules are depending entirely by the house.

If you will play blackjack into a casino you will see that the casino will use a specially created table for this game. The casinos usually have permanent dealers and a room where 8 players can have enough space to play this game. Each player must sit in front of the dealer, which is called the player area. In that place the cards are shuffled and the bets are being made. Each player is playing against the dealer.

Each bet has a limit. Usually, in casinos you find signs posted on the blackjack tables that are informing the players which are the betting limits. Also, as in every other gambling game, if you don’t have chips you cannot play. So, before the game starts you must buy chips. The chips can be purchased from the dealer at the beginning of the game. If you remain without chips during a game, take advantage of a break time to purchase others.

Just give to the dealer the necessary cash and he will exchange that amount into chips. The blackjack chips are colored, and they are for the following amounts of cash: one white chip has a value of $1; a red chip has the value of $5; the green chip has the value of $25 and the black chip has the highest value of $100. If you get the chips you can start playing as much as you want.


Other blackjack rules

There are many other rules that are applied during a blackjack game. For example, after all the cards are dealt and the dealer shows its cards and he already has 21 points all the other players will lose except those that also have a blackjack or 21 points.

If the hand of the dealer is lower than 17 points he is forced to take one or more cards. However, this rule depends entirely by the casino and by the table where the game is played. There are casinos with multiple tables of blackjack, but with different rules for this game.

If the dealer makes more than 21 points, which means that it is Bust means that all the remained players from the table will win. However, if there are players with higher hands than that of the dealer will win, while those with lower hands than the one of the dealer will lose.

There are some casinos that allow you to surrender. Well, if you see the first card of the dealer and you think that you don’t stand a chance in this round you can reclaim half of your bet. However, if you want this to happen you need a really bad hand. If you still reclaimed half of the bet and you were having a pretty good hand your entire bet will be taken by the dealer.

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